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Vacuum pumps

Sjerp & Jongeneel is the specialized company to purchase a vacuum pump and get accurate information on vacuum pumps. We are specialized in producing and selling industrial ventilators, blowers and vacuum pumps. Because of our extensive assortment, we are able to guarantee a suitable vacuum pump with a perfect fit for your activities.

Features of Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps reduce the specific mass of gas by using a mechanical drive. Besides chemical and biological interesting applications, vacuum also has various mechanical applications due of the differential pressure of the atmosphere. It is called vacuum when there is under pressure pertaining to the atmosphere. The range of vacuum pumps is from (the atmospheric pressure) 1013 mbar(a) on average to the absolute vacuum of 0 mbar(a) where molecules are absent. Naturally, vacuum pumps that match the absolute vacuum are very complex. Most applications will function excellently with a vacuum of a few mbars. When the vacuum pump generates a retention force, it is simpler to increase the power by enlarging the vacuum surface, than it is to pump to a deeper vacuum. Pertaining to the atmospheric pressure, there only is a maximum of 1 bar differential pressure possible. This is still slightly more than 1 kilograms per square centimeter. You can use our calculation tool in the menu support to convert units.

Vacuum pumps use a great number of techniques to generate the vacuum. Centrifugal ventilators are used at a low vacuum to approximately 0.9 bar(a), 0.1 bar of differential pressure relative to the atmosphere. When the flow is low, a side channel blower will be a more compact solution. Moreover, a lower installed motor power will reach the low vacuum. Side channel blowers are also used as vacuum pumps at a low vacuum to 0.6 bar(a). This enables high capacities as well. Oil free vane pumps are applicable in the segment of up to 0.1 bar(a). The middle vacuum will be generated by oil lubricated vane pumps and lobe pumps for high capacities. With turbo molecular pumps, it is possible to reach high and ultrahigh vacuum in highly specialized applications.

Applications of Vacuum Pumps

  • Suction and vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum lifting
  • Fixating objects like plates on laser and milling tables
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Vacuuming perishable products
  • Removing gases from systems, like one does when filling air conditioning systems
  • Transporting bulk goods

Do you want to know more about the vacuum pumps that Sjerp & Jongeneel have to offer? We would like to tell you more about it. Please call +31 (0)79 3611 466, to discuss the various possibilities.

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