Blowers for pressure
and Vacuum

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Medium pressure centrifugal fans

Distinctions are made between thick and thin walled models of medium pressure centrifugal fans. Thin-walled fans have an epoxy coating and can be supplied in ATEX versions as an option. thick-walled fans are produced in various types of steel such as carbon steel Fe360, possibly zinc-plated, AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel and from Corten steel. Ask about the extensive options for your use. The various types have been listed in the table below in order of pressure.

Uses for medium pressure blower fans:

  • scrubber
  • fume cupboard
  • drying vehicles
  • clean rooms
  • exhaust gas and/or odour extraction
  • air extraction in large workplaces
  • HVAC systems for large hospitality establishments and large rooms
  • HVAC systems for sport canteens and gymnasiums
  • blowing away surplus materials
  • efficient transport with air


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