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Industrial ventilators

Features of industrial ventilators

industrial ventilators have specific features that are adjusted to the application and of which the operational reliability is essential for the continuity of the production process. The versatility of using of air and gasses creates a broad need of flows and pressures of industrial ventilators, vacuum pumps and compressors. The applied materials are resistant to environmental conditions and the properties of the medium to be moved. The design allows simple maintenance where as many universal components, such as electromotors in accordance with IEC/DIN, as possible can be applied.

Generally, a sturdy construction method is adapted for industrial ventilators, because weight is of minor importance. The stiff construction contributes to a vibration-free functionality and reduces sound and wear. There are lots of applications where weight does matter, like in mobile machines. Aluminum or plastic industrial ventilators can be a lightweight solution.

Configuration of industrial ventilators

The configuration of industrial ventilators includes more than the selection of the right motor power and the ideal operating area. Sjerp & Jongeneel is more than happy to get in touch with you to process your requirements for your application in a suitable industrial ventilator. For example, it is important to determine the extent to which continuous functionality has to be guaranteed. The possibility to perform maintenance on an industrial ventilator without interrupting the process can be created with a redundant emplacement. The end user will have to choose in advance between the costs of downtime caused by maintenance or defects and the extra investment in a redundant system. We would also like to know if there are any demands locally regarding sound, safety, system load, moisture, gas density, corrosion resistance and hygiene. With our tailor-made accessories, we can deliver all components for an industrial ventilator emplacement for a smooth commissioning.

Applications of industrial ventilators

  • Suction of smoke gasses, damps and dust
  • Refreshing air and air circulation
  • The disposal of chips, transport of gasses and bulk goods
  • Cooling or heating of processes
  • Guiding and adjusting products on the assembly line
  • Fixating by vacuum and vacuum lifting
  • Floating transport by air film
  • Dry blowing and dry scraping with air knives

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