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Accessories for a side channel blower are of crucial importance for a sustainable operation and for the protection of a side channel blower. Sjerp & Jongeneel offers you a wide range of various accessories for these blowers. Each of them have different features. Firstly, due to a close fit of the fan of the side channel blower, irreparable damage caused by pollution of solid particles in the air or gas can be prevented. Secondly, one of the features of a side channel blower is the relationship between the increase of pressure and a simultaneous increase of absorbed motor power. This causes the temperature of the medium(air) to raise. Avoiding excessive pressure build-up is important as this would cause the motor and pump to overload. A safety valve offers the solution and is designed to prevent this operating condition. Motor protection must be applied as well. The reason for this is that an overload of the motor power and an overload because of temperature usually do not occur under similar circumstances. Noise reduction is a third function of the accessories of the side channel blower. Next to the integrated silencer of the side channel blower there are usually one or two extra silencers placed at a free inlet or discharge of the side channel blower. Correctly sized vibration dampers prevent impact noise of the side channel blower. For maximum noise absorption, acoustic casing with sufficient cooling can be installed. Lastly, the accessories of side channel blowers can serve many other features of your system.

Configuration of Accessories for a Side Channel Blower

Before configuring the accessories of your side channel blower, determine the following factors:

  • Does the system require a variable flow?
  • Can the maximum amount of pressure be exceeded? Valves, variable resistance, filters etc.
  • How clean does the air or gas have to be?
  • Can the air or gas contain pollution or cause incidental suction of solids?
  • Does sound pressure have a part in it?
  • How much space is available?

Applications of Accessories for a Side Channel Blower

  • Regulation of speed and flow
  • Limiting maximum pressure or vacuum
  • Protection of the side channel blower and system
  • Acoustic absorption of the noise level of the side channel blower
  • Disconnection of vibrations
  • Aiming movements, or preventing movement in the opposite direction
  • Filtering

Do you want to know more about purchasing accessories for a side channel blower? We are happy to offer you personal advice. You can call us at +31 (0)79 3611 466 for more information. You can also make use of the contact form. After receiving it, we will propose an interesting offer.

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