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High pressure centrifugal fan

Features of a High Pressure Centrifugal Fan

High pressure fans are generally applied in daily use and the industry. High pressure centrifugal fans are also called high pressure radial fans, where both forward curved blades and backward curved blades are applied. Side channel ventilators are based on another principle of operation and are applied when extreme high pressure ventilators are required.

High pressure ventilators, based on forward curved blades, can move a relatively great amount of air. The built of a high pressure ventilator is very compact compared to the amount of air it can move. Fans with forward curved blades are limited in pressure build-up. This is why they stand low in the somite of high pressure ventilators. An example of high pressure ventilators with forward curved blades are the DMB series steel centrifugal ventilators as displayed under Fans & Pumps. These ventilators combine a high output with a relatively high pressure in a compact casing with a IP55 motor and a silent functioning

Backward curved blades generate the most pressure compared to other high pressure centrifugal fans. They also achieve the highest efficiency rate amongst these high pressure fans. Generally, the width of the impeller influences the amount of air and the diameter of the impeller influences the desired pressure. Of course, the rpm, medium and various geometric aspects have an influence on the efficiency of the fan and the fan casing. A high pressure fan with backward curved blades with a high flow can generate extremely high pressures of up to 500 mbar. Our product page Steel Centrifugal ventilators offers you more information about the possibilities.

When the application requires high pressure or vacuum at a relatively low flow, a side channel ventilator is the solution. A side channel ventilator is a high pressure ventilator that is able to generate extremely high pressure and is often called compressor or vacuum pump. The diameter of the side channel ventilator fan is about five times smaller at equal pressure. This implies that the ventilator can easily be integrated into various machines. The right acoustic measures can realize a considerable silent functioning. For years, Dutair is producing high quality side channel ventilators that run vibration free because of accurate static and dynamic balancing.

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