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Centrifugal fan

The centrifugal fan owes its popularity to a broad applicability, high efficiency and a compact construction type. Below we, as experts in centrifugal fans, will shortly explain which types centrifugal fan are available. We will also elaborate on the applications the Centrifugal fan serves.

Centrifugal fan: multiple possibilities

The centrifugal fan serves work areas of low up to high capacity and of low up to high pressure or vacuum(suction). Generally, one can assume that a bigger fan diameter generates higher pressure and that a wider fan is used for a higher capacity. Furthermore, there is a distinction between the fans of a centrifugal fan. We differentiate between forward curved blades and backward curved blades. Forward curved blades can move high capacities in a compact construction type. The backward curved blades are ideal for high pressure at a high efficiency. Besides, we differentiate closed fans where the blades are enclosed between two panels and open fans where the blades are attached on one side only. Open fans are most commonly used in transport of materials. The centrifugal fan transports the materials. Closed fans are more efficient and the most common variant. All combinations with open, closed, backward or forward curved blades are possible.

A great diversity of materials is used for the production of centrifugal fans. In light commercial applications, the combination of a plastic casing with an aluminum fan is often used. With heavier applications, such as kitchen ventilations in the hospitality industry, galvanized steel is popular. When a higher pressure is needed, for example because of losses in pipelines, cast aluminum centrifugal fans with a relatively low sound pressure are most commonly used. Plastic fans can be used during suction of a corrosive medium when a lower pressure is required. Stainless steel fans are an alternative that is not necessarily more expensive. With a stainless steel centrifugal fan, made from different kinds of stainless steel, high pressures and enormous capacities are possible. This can serve the heaviest industrial applications.

Assistance with assembling a suitable centrifugal fan

The drive of the centrifugal fans, is mostly operated by various electromotors. Fuel motors, hydraulic motors and pneumatic motors are used in many mobile applications as well. When selecting the motor and fan, it is important to consider all the facets of the application. A complete request contains operating point or area, the application, drive or available power sources, information about the medium and its possible pollution, environmental conditions, requirements of the user and any requirements regarding explosion protection. For your orientation, below you will find several links to the technical documentation of the centrifugal fan. Sjerp & Jongeneel is happy to assist you to find a suitable solution for your application. Do you need advice about a centrifugal fan? Please call +31 (0)79 3611 466.

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