Check valves, non-return valves for side channel blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps

Check valves

The horizontally mounted check valve closes by force of gravity. The counter pressure from the system ensures the sealing force on the NBR seal. The horizontally-mounted valve is the type that gives the least resistance and pressure loss in the direction of flow. Because the seal works with counter pressure, the horizontally-mounted check valve is ideally suited for a parallel arrangement of industrial fans.

The spring-loaded check valve can be installed in any position. Also, when there is a slight pressure difference, or when the pressure difference slowly comes about, the spring-loaded check valve gives a reliable seal with NBR. On the other hand, the spring pressure must be overcome by the flow of the medium. Please note that the spring-loaded check valve in combination with a side channel fan can lead to approximately a 30 mbar reduction in pressure. The pressure reduction can be caused by, among other things, the flow rate, the diameter of the spring-loaded check valve, the type of gas, the temperature and the static pressure. That is why there are still significant variations possible on the aforementioned number. The spring-loaded check valve is, for example, a good choice as an extra safety in the aeration of water in an arrangement with the compressor below the water surface.

The following range is available from stock. Stainless steel check valves and valves for centrifugal fans are also available.

Check Valve for Horizontal Mounting Brass, 2 x Internal Thread
ARTICLE No. A [BSP] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm]
82TK125 1¼" 63 76 47
82TK15 1½" 70 83 51
82TK2 2" 93 98 59
82TK25 2½" 82 117 67
82TK4 4" 164 164 92
Spring Loaded Check Valve Brass, 2 x Internal Thread
ARTICLE No. A [BSP] B [mm] C [mm]
82TKV125 1¼" 56 66
82TKV15 1½" 63 71
82TKV2 2" 78 80
82TKV25 2½" 103 93
82TKV4 4" 155 119