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Steel Centrifugal Ventilators

An extensive assortment of centrifugal fans available in various types of steel. The Steel centrifugal ventilators are classified as low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, very high pressure versions, for the transport of materials and roof fans. In general there are several types that could operate within your field of activity. Determining which operating point makes the most operational hours prior to the selection is therefore interesting. The type of centrifugal fan that is the most efficient for your use can then be determined.
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The variety of industrial centrifugal fans in steel plate is very extensive. A centrifugal blower fan can be supplied for almost any capacity so that the optimal concept can always be used. The benefits are:

  • an extensive assortment of sizes and properties
  • models for clean air, gasses, polluted air, high temperatures
  • various blade systems, including open blades and high return blades
  • versions for the transport of materials by blowers, such as paper and wood chips
  • motor placed outside the air flow, so not in contact with the medium
  • models for indirectly powered blades
  • featuring a robust epoxy coating, zinc-plated as an option
  • extensive assortment of accessories including grids, valves, flexibles, adaptors, silencers
  • available in ATEX version with Ex-motors
  • various shaft seals including Viton, graphite, double lip seal with pressure chamber
  • standardly produced in carbon steel; stainless steel 304, 316 or Corten steel are options

The application for Steel centrifugal ventilators in machine-building is common for blowing, blow-cleaning, material transport, aeration, cooling, kiln production, air cushion systems, over-pressure systems for tents, dust extractors, suction walls for spray-painting booths and fume gas extraction.


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