Blowers for pressure
and Vacuum

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Applications side channel blowers


  • Packaging machines, for blowing and sucking
  • Pneumatic transport of plastic granulate, blasting grit, meal, coinage
  • Vacuum tables for board-cutting machines, laser-cutting machines
  • Air cushion tables for board-cutting machines
  • Vacuum lifting machines for porous materials
  • Blowing in dry tunnels (energy saving)
  • Testing welding joints in tanks and compartments
  • Cooling of “hot spots”
  • Draining drums due to over-pressure
  • Filling tankers due to under-pressure


  • Galvanisation baths
  • Fish farms
  • Ovens
  • Protective helmets
  • Swimming pools and bubble baths

Extraction and filtering

  • Spot-suction in welding and soldering areas
  • Laser-cutting machines
  • Central extraction in bodywork workplaces
  • Central extraction from sanding lines
  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Absorption dryers
  • Backflush of sand filters


  • Cabbage peeling
  • Displays for fairs
  • Tube mail systems
  • Testing mastic roofings


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