Vibration dampers for side channel blowers, centrifugal fans, compressors and vacuum pumps

Vibration dampers

Vibration dampers decouple machines from their mounting points. In the case of side channel blowers, centrifugal and vacuum pumps, the contact sound often has a noticeable contribution to the overall noise level. The following table shows vibration dampers which are specially designed to meet the needs of the industrial fans found on this website. Herein, the hardness of the rubber, height and width ratio are sized to create an optimal decoupling. The vibration dampers in the table are rated for floor mounting or for mounting on a horizontal surface. If the mounting points are located on a frame, this must be sufficiently rigid to be able to effect the decoupling. In the case of vertical mounting, dynamic loads on the mounting points or different dimensions, please contact the sales department.

Cylindrical Vibration Damper with galvanized fittings, 1 x External Thread and 1 x Internal Thread
ARTICLE No. Pressure load/pc. [kg] M [mm] A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm]
86TDB025020 4 - 10 6 25 20 18 6
86TDB040040 5 - 15 8 40 40 23 8
86TDB050040 10 - 35 10 50 40 28 10
86TDB075040 25 - 70 12 75 40 37 12
86TDB100050 60 - 200 16 100 50 45 16