Blowers for pressure
and Vacuum

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The blades on transport fans have been made suitable to transport dust, granules, chips and even fibres through the blower fan. The design of the fan and how the blades are shaped is important here. Careful selection of the type of transport fan based on the material to be transported will considerably extend the maintenance intervals. Transport fans are produced in various types of steel such as carbon steel Fe360, possibly zinc-plated, AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel and from Corten steel. The various types have been listed in the table below in order of pressure.

Uses for transport blower fans:

  • wood chips
  • synthetic granules
  • powders
  • saw dust
  • seeds or other bulk goods
  • organic waste
  • moving polystyrene beads for home insulation
  • filling trucks


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