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Centrifugal Ventilators

Centrifugal ventilators are typically used when high flow rates are required and when the pressure differences are larger than is attainable with an axial ventilator. Centrifugal ventilators can have forward curved blades or backward curved blades depending on the desired trait. When centrifugal ventilators are equipped with an open fan construction, materials can be transported through the ventilator. This type of ventilator is seen in various types of applications daily. From light consumer products to heavy industrial applications in aggressive environments. Sjerp & Jongeneel is specialized in sturdily designed centrifugal ventilators for sustainable use. The ventilator is manufactured out of aluminum, several kinds of sheet metal and plastics. For options of a centrifugal ventilator in your application we would like to get in touch with you. Based on the system requirements and other environmental circumstances we can offer you a suitable solution. The operating area, the available power source, the type of drive, the type of medium, the temperature of the medium and the environment, the sound pressure, in- or outdoor emplacement, corrosivity and explosion protection are examples of information we would like to receive.

Configuration of Centrifugal ventilators

Centrifugal ventilators are a part of a system that is built together with pipework, motor protection, shielding moving parts and other accessories for centrifugal ventilators. The centrifugal ventilator will be delivered according to the machine guidelines through an IIB statement. This means that the unfinished machine is in accordance with the machine guidelines and is provided with the CE logo. What the finished machine will look like and how it will operate according to the machine guidelines, depends on the application of the machine. At any rate, the turning parts of a centrifugal ventilator are shielded, like a grate on the in- or outlet when the pipework is lacking, and a proper grounding with motor protection. Sjerp & Jongeneel has a great range of accessories available that complement your system, such as vibration dampers, inlet & discharge silencers, throttle valve, cuffs, thermal isolation, filters etc.

Applications of Centrifugal ventilators

  • Suction of fumes, gasses and dust through pipework in relatively large to relatively small diameters;
  • Blow drying;
  • Cooling and heating;
  • Transporting bulk;
  • Ventilation;
  • Filtering.

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