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Welcome to the Sjerp & Jongeneel website, your starting point to discover our extensive range of industrial fans. Our products consist of blowers, vacuum pumps, fans, ATEX blowers, accessories for side channel blowers and centrifugal fans. We have been a reliable partner to many businesses, both large and small, since 1929.

The highest efficiency in air compression up to 1 bar is achieved with Dutair turbo blowers. Optimisation of system components in the turnkey modules has resulted in ideal maintenance-free turbo compressors. Fully contactless operation prevents wear and tear and reduces noise. Our Dutair turbo blowers are making significant inroads in making your existing or completely new system more sustainable. We will be happy to calculate concrete figures for you.
A complete range of high quality side channel blowers, suitable for use as compressors and vacuum pumps. Our many satisfied customers are using these very high pressure fans over a wide and diverse range of applications. With our decades of experience, extensive stock of accessories and blower models, we would be delighted to offer any advice or assistance.
The range of stock aluminium centrifugal fans excels in the field of noise reduction. The robustly built centrifugal fans can be used as high pressure fans as well as medium pressure fans. Using variable frequency control, these centrifugal fans can be applied across a wide range of applications.
A broad range of Steel centrifugal ventilators can be manufactured to your specifications for a wide range of industries. With impeller diameters ranging from 10 cm up to 200 cm, we have an efficient solution available for virtually any application. An extensive selection, covering low, middle, high and very high pressures, transport or roof fans including specialised and economical versions.