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High performance blowers

High performance blowers are applied in the industry and utility. In these sectors, there is a high need of moving great amounts of air and/or high pressure. The solid relation between pressure, flow and the needed power ensures that if the required pressure can be limited, a high power is not needed when moving great amounts of air. A ceiling fan is a good example of this.

In the utility construction, high performance blowers are installed because the pressure rises in pipework with components like valves, grates, filters, condensers and heaters. High performance blowers are usually deployed with relatively narrow pipes to realize a higher flow. This situation often occurs with evacuation of air and fumes.

In the industry, high performance blowers are drudges while the power of the air velocity and differential pressure is used in various applications. Air velocity can transport bulk goods, accelerate evaporation, blow off production scrap, scrape products with air knives, cooling, divide areas, create clean zones and create air films for frictionless transport. With differential pressure, one can aerate basins, transport gas, fasten material on vacuum tables, vacuum lifting, inflate airbags, discharge ballast tanks, create overpressure areas and vacuum molds.

The objectives and priorities will vary according to the application, but generally an efficient solution results in a lower installed capacity, or at any rate a low energy consumption over the whole lifecycle of the product. This implies that in advance you have to pay attention to action points and cycle periods of the application. This enables you to select the most suitable high performance blower. Sjerp & Jongeneel has been active in this industry since 1929 and runs its own Dutair ventilators and blowers production. Due to our knowledge and experience, we can advise you about the most suitable solution for your application. We offer a wide range of high performance blowers of aluminum, various types of steel and plastic, made up to 900 kW.

Configuration of High Performance Blowers

Because of its simple construction, most industrial blowers are driven directly. Higher capacities are often implemented with an indirect drive. This means that the ventilator fan has a separate shaft and bearing. A flexible connection or V-belt transmission drives the ventilator. Indirectly driven high performance blowers are generally applied when the impeller diameter is greater than 1 meter or the fan rpm differs from the motor rpm. With a fan belt transmission, the correct speed of the fan can be reached with a belt pulley ratio. A V-belt transmission is, among others, construction type 12 in the program of steel centrifugal ventilators. A V-belt transmission requires more maintenance than the flexible gear. Besides, a flexible gear will have less power loss. An indirectly driven high performance blower with flexible gear and frequency regulation is a most common solution. This enables a unity of the advantages of a highly stable and low vibration functioning with an efficient transmission, accessibility to maintenance and a optimum operating point.

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