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When you want to purchase compressors, Sjerp & Jongeneel is the partner you should approach. An oil free compressor doesn't need lubrication in the pump casing for an efficient and a low maintenance functioning. The medium will not be polluted with oil, a refill of the oil tank and an oil change are no longer required as part of maintenance. There are various methods to generate compression without oil, of which Sjerp & Jongeneel offers side channel blowers, vane pumps, high speed centrifugal ventilators and multistage centrifugal ventilators. Using these methods, one can generate differential pressures of up to 1.0 bar. In these cases, centrifugal oil free compressors are in the low pressure range and the oil free vane pump compressors are in the high pressure range. Generally speaking, the pressure will be adjusted to the minimum required pressure. After all, the surplus of the pressure is a complete energy loss and comes at the expense of the system's total efficiency. One can also install a compressor with the lowest power if it is possible to define the pressure and capacity in advance. Side channel and centrifugal compressors operate contact-free so the maintenance cycle is determined by the life span of the ball bearings and the shaft sealing only. These kinds of compressors often contain filtering that need routine inspections or replacement of cartridges in order to function optimally. Vane pump compressors are available in an oil-lubricated and an oil-free version. The most important advantage of the oil-lubricated compressor is a deeper vacuum in applications like a vacuum pump. The vanes are fabricated of carbon or PTFE to achieve a long lifespan and because of that a much longer maintenance interval than the oil-lubricated compressor.

Configuration of Compressors

The compressor is not suitable for the transport of materials with the exception of the centrifugal compressor. Here dusty air remains one of the options. The compressor emplacement is often equipped with a filter to protect internal turning parts against incidental suction of materials. Pressure control can be installed and tuned depending on the necessity of the application or depending on the compressor type. You can read more about side channel blowers, vane pumps and centrifugal ventilators following the links below. We are more than happy to assist you with the selection and configuration of your compressor.

Applications of a Compressors

  • Blowing off
  • Aeration
  • Drying
  • Radiation

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