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Dutair Aquatech Amsterdam 2021 tickets
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23 September 2021
At the Aquatech Amsterdam 2021, our specialists will give you an update on the current status of blower technology. We would like to hear about your challenges in the field of air and gases and are looking forward to meeting you at our stand 02.315 on 2 to 5 November 2021 in the RAI Amsterdam. Click here for a free ticket.
Turn-key turboblower
Price reduction Dutair® turboblowers
10 June 2021
Dutair® lowers the prices of turnkey turbo blowers by as much as 10% through lean manufacturing. The undiminished high quality and efficiency mean the return on investment time is now even shorter. Our technical sales are happy to calculate this for you based on the actual specifications.
Sjerp & Jongeneel Youtube - Blower Tutorial 2
Side channel blowers Tutorial 2: Variable frequency drives
15 March 2021

This tutorial is all about controlling the blower capacity. How to install and set up variable frequency drives for side channel blowers? This will be explained on the basis of three application examples and there will be put one into operation. This tutorial is full of helpful tips for the beginner and expert.

ELECTRICAL PARTS: 8153DB540 Dutair side channel blower; 17IN9560 ECO OPTIDRIVE HVAC IP66 Main switch 9.5A; 18PUR4G4S Shielded PUR 4 G 4 + (2 x 1,5); 18GM25EMC EMC glands M25 x 1,5; 18NM25EMC EMC gland nuts M25 x 1,5; 18PVC5G1 Shielded PVC data and signal cable 5G x 1,00; 18GM20EMC EMC glands M20 x 1,5; 18NM20EMC EMC gland nuts M20 x 1,5; Emergency stop red and green LEDs

MECHANICAL PARTS: 86TDB040040 Vibration dampers B 40/40 M8; 86060748 Bend Stainless Steel G2"; 8603232005 Socket Stainless Steel, G2" x 55 mm; 82FS231P201 Suction filter/ silencer G2"; 8603122010 Tube nipple Stainless Steel, G2" x 100mm; 86041220 T-piece Stainless Steel, G2"; 8604412005 Reduction ring Stainless Steel G2" x G½; 82MA100D4 Manometer 100mm, 0 - 400 mbar G½"; 86060928 Hose tail Stainless Steel G2"; 37SLSV84 Spiral reinforced hose G2"; 82DL305 Air Knife 305 mm, air slot 1 mm; hose clamps

Motorkabel calculator
New: Calculate motor cable online.
13 January 2021
Here you can easily calculate the required cable capacity and the voltage loss over the motor cable. Shielded PUR cables and EMC glands can also be selected for frequency control applications on this web page.
High capacity vacuum blowers: the features and options
High capacity vacuum blowers: the features and options
28 October 2020
Watch this video in which the speed of the vacuum blower is adjusted by V-belt drive. The excellent acoustic enclosure ensures a low sound pressure even at the high flow rate.
Kick-off expansion of metrological blower facilities
31 juli 2020
Verifying the energy performance of blowers and compressors places increasing demands on our installations in terms of capacity and accuracy. This video gives an impression of the expansion of the measurement and control facilities.
Side channel blowers Tutorial 1: Fixed motor speed
Side channel blowers Tutorial 1: Fixed motor speed
April 22, 2020
What should I pay attention to when installing a side channel fan? How should I protect the side channel fan for reliable operation? The electrical and mechanical aspects for the professional.
Cancelled: Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2020. Next edition 2021
Cancelled: Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2020. Next edition 2021
April 8, 2020
The Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs will not take place in 2020. The next edition will take place March 23, 24 & 25, 2021. Sjerp & Jongeneel will again contribute to a constructive and pleasant fair in 2021 with the Dutair stand.
>What is a side channel blower? and what is it 's performance?
What is a side channel blower? and what is it's performance?
February 13, 2020
In this video we make a cross-section of a side channel blower to explain the operation and the capacity. It gives you leads to make use of the wide control range.
Sjerp & Jongeneel offers you additional help on YouTube
Sjerp & Jongeneel offers you additional help on YouTube
October 23, 2019
Our short video clips provide you with demonstrations and instructions, or tell you more about the applications for our products. Subscribe to our channel now.
Maatwerk transportventilatoren uitgelicht: Hardox en RVS 304
Transport fan customisations explained: Hardox and stainless steel.
June 10, 2019
From the large variety of transport fans, this time we focus on two customer-specific models. Watch the video and discover the Hardox and stainless steel transport fans.
Impressie van de Aquatech Amsterdam 2019
Impression of Aquatech Amsterdam 2019.
May 6, 2019
The biggest ever Aquatech Amsterdam took place from 5 to 8 November 2019. Watch the video now to get an impression.
Samenwerken voor het optimale resultaat
Working together for the optimum result
April 2, 2019
There are endless applications for pressure and vacuum in the industry. A blower with a hydraulic motor? Equally endless are the possibilities for our products. A custom solution is delivered to this customer for the optimum result.
Aquatech Amsterdam 2019
Aquatech Amsterdam 2019
March 1, 2019
Sjerp & Jongeneel has been an enthusiastic participant in Aquatech Amsterdam for over 30 years. During the 2019 edition, held from 5 to 8 November, you can find us in Hall 11, Stand 11.209. Watch the video now to see what you can expect from us.

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